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IMD -- The ITAP Molecular Dynamics Program Copyright (c) 1996-2014

Institut für Funktionelle Materie und Quantentechnologien, Universität Stuttgart.
formerly Institut für Theoretische und Angewandte Physik, Universität Stuttgart.

IMD is a software package designed to perform classical molecular dynamics simulations.

IMD is provided "as is", WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY. You may copy and modify IMD for your own use, but you must not redistribute it. Other interested users can get a copy of IMD directly from us. If you have made modifications or extensions that might be useful for other users, please inform us by email. We might then include your modifications in the official version.

If you PUBLISH RESULTS obtained using IMD, we ask you to acknowledge its usage, and to inform us about any such publication.

We request that you sign up to the IMD-announce mailing list. This is to make sure that we can keep you informed about bug fixes and new developement in IMD. You can sign up on the IMD-announce homepage.

IMD has now been placed under the GNU public licence as a consequence of moving the repository to github and the requirements of the funding agency DFG.

The IMD developers can be reached on the IMD-users mailing list and at .
Nowadays you can also get in contact with the IMD developers via the github repository at itapmd/imd.